Gloucester NP Accommodation

The Gloucester Tree, in Gloucester National Park, is probably Western Australia's most famous karri tree. This 60-metre-high giant towers above the forest surrounding Pemberton. In the past, foresters maintained a regular fire lookout from its lofty crown. Today, visitors climb to the cabin in its upper branches for sensational views of the surrounding karri forest. The Gloucester Tree was one of eight lookout trees built between 1937 and 1952 in the karri forest. The construction of fire lookout towers in the tallest trees of Western Australia's karri forest was the practical response to one of the most serious threats to forest communities in the South-West -- fire. The Gloucester Tree lookout was built in 1947, in the highest of the tall karri trees near Pemberton. The floor of its cabin sits 58 metres above the ground. The tree was one of a group on a ridge overlooking the Eastbrook in an area that had not been logged when timber cutting operations of the Pemberton Sawmill passed through. Conveniently located just three kilometres from Pemberton, it gives a commanding view of the surrounding countryside.

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Karri Forest Motel

The motel is beautifully endowed with gracious cottage gardens, fusing into the tranquillity of the region. Thanks to it's central location Pemberton is an ideal base for discovering the magnificent south west corner of Western Australia. Why not try the Karri Forest Motel Pemberton yourself and sample its warm welcome as well as the area's abundant delights?


Formerly Pemberton Breakaway Cottages, situated in the heart of Pemberton's majestic Karri-forest, just 5 km from Pemberton, near to picturesque forest walks, local wineries & beautiful national parks.  All 4 cottages have wood-fires, comfortable contemporary interiors, balcony-views to the forest over farmland and offer well-equipped immaculate self-catering facilities.