Goldfields Woodlands National Park Accommodation

60 km west of Coolgardie along the Great Eastern Highway and south of Coolgardie on the Victoria Rock Rd. It runs for another 40 km beside the road. The Goldfields Woodlands National Park straddles the Great Eastern Highway 60 km west of Coolgardie, running for another 40 km beside the road. It is part of a 152,500 ha conservation reserve network that includes Boorabbin NationalPark to the west, Victoria Rock Nature Reserveand a special management area to the south and east. These reserves add to a linear network of other conservation reserves 400 km long from Jilbadgi Nature Reserve in the south through the Jaurdi Conservation Reserve to theCALM-managed Mt Elvire reserve and Mt Manning Range Nature Reserve in the north. They form an important part of the conservation estate east of the Wheatbelt. An additional area of 142,140 ha to the south is proposed to be added to the national parkland a further 10,000 ha to the other conservation reserves. This will create a conservation reserve network of more than 311,000 ha. The reserves are within the Coolgardie biogeographic region. They complete the comprehensive adequate and representative (CAR) network of conservation reserves for the Boorabbin vegetation system within the Coolgardie bio region. The area has significant conservation values. It includes a diversity of landforms and vegetation types such as sandplains, freshwater swamps, salt lakes with saltbushand samphire surrounds, uncut and regrowth eucalypt woodlands and granite complexes. The area contains a wide variety of original stands and regrowth areas of eucalypts including salmon gum, gimlet, ribbon-barkedgum, mallees, red morrel, redwood and woodline mallee. There also is a range of other native flora including wattles, banksia, bottlebrush, hakeas, melaleucas, sheoaks, sandalwood and grasstrees. Many of these were the source of bush tucker for Aboriginal people who used the area. The park and associated conservation reserves provide visitors travelling by road from the east with their first views of the State's spectacular spring and summer wildflower displays of the kwongan sandplain heaths

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Koora Retreat Centre Inc

We have a donga-accommodation 'base camp' from which to experience the wilderness and explore desert spirituality alone and in community. This five million star venue provides single accommodation for up to 16 people in dongas, with camp fire, shared toilet and shower facilities, group preparation of meals, and close contact with local flora, fauna and weather. This is a wilderness experience, not a holiday destination.