Serpentine NP Accommodation

26 km south of Armadale, off South West Highway into Falls Road. Serpentine National Park, best known for the waterfall that cascades over a sheer granite face, abounds with the scenic beauty of ancient landforms and verdant forest. These features, together with its close proximity to Perth, have attracted visitors for almost 100 years. It is also a sanctuary for an array of plants and animals. Serpentine National Park is sitting pretty on the Darling Scarp, about 50 kilometres south-east of Perth. The scarp is at the western edge of a huge ancient plateau that is the foundation of much of the south-western part of Australia. It is composed mainly of granite, with some dolerite, gneisses and quartzites up to 2500 million years old. An overlying capping of laterite rock formed about 10 million years ago, when wetter and more humid conditions leached minerals from the soil to form a hard, insoluble crust. Set in a naturally beautiful cleft at the foot of the scarp, the park stretches up the steep slopes of the Serpentine River valley, past a sheer face of granite polished smooth by the rushing waters. Here, in winter, the white waters of the Serpentine River cascade into a swirling, rock-rimmed pool below. Serpentine Falls has been one of the focal points of the area since the early European settlers came in droves to swim, picnic and enjoy a day out in the bush.


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