Stirling Range NP Accommodation

The park is about 100 km north-east of Albany via Chester Pass Road
The brooding beauty of the mountain landscape, its stunning and unique wildflowers and the challenge of climbing Bluff Knoll have long drawn bushwalkers and climbers to the Stirling Range National Park. At 1,095 metres above sea level, Bluff Knoll is the highest peak in the south-west of Western Australia. The main face of the bluff forms one of the most impressive cliffs in the Australian mainland. It takes three to four hours to complete the six-kilometre return climb.
The jagged peaks of the Stirling Range stretch for 65 kilometres from east to west. The rocks of the range were once sands and silts deposited in the delta of a river flowing into a shallow sea. Deposited over many millions of years, these layers of sediment became so thick and heavy that, in combination with unimaginable forces stretching the Earth's crust in the area, they caused the crust in the area to sink. As the surface subsided, still more sediment was deposited in the depression which was left. The final thickness of sediment is believed to be over 1.6 kilometres! As the sediment built up, so did the pressure on the layers below. The water was forced out of these layers, which solidified to become rocks known as sandstones and shales.
Buried deep in the Earth's crust, the rocks which form today's Stirling Range were gradually exposed over millions of years as the surrounding rocks were worn away by the forces of weathering (chemical breakdown) and erosion (physical removal of material by water, wind and gravity). It was during this process that the current form of the range was sculpted.

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Kendenup Lodge and Cottages

Located 30 minutes north of Albany and a cork's throw from the award winning wine country of Mount Barker, Kendenup Lodge and Cottages is a place to relax, unwind and escape the everyday. Overlooking sun-kissed paddocks, natural bushland and the mighty Stirling Range is one of the Great Southerns premier hosted accommodation properties.

Rose Gardens Beachside Holiday Park

Set on 12 acres with unparalleled views from the spacious oceanview spa and beachfront villas, the camping area enjoys the shade and protection of a canopy of trees, and there are quality facilities throughout the park, including three laundromats. In addition there is a fully equipped camp kitchen and two b.b.q. areas.