Tarra Bulga NP Accommodation

Tarra-Bulga National Park in South Gippsland is well known for its giant Mountain Ash trees, beautiful fern gullies and ancient myrtle beeches. The park covers 2015 ha of some of the best examples of original cool temperate rainforests of the Strzelecki Ranges. Within the low folds of the Strzelecki Ranges, the small park protects cool temperate rainforest, its well watered, often misty valleys hide  a world of silvery waterfalls, rock pools and mountain streams. The dense vegetation is home to swamp wallabies, wombats, platypus and native rats as well as brush tailed possums, owls and bats. Birds are plentiful, watch our for the small brown ground-dwelling pilotbird, crimson rosella, the tiny eastern yellow robin, lyrebirds and the eastern whipbird. Walking through the towering old-growth forest, listening to the tinkling of creeks and waterfalls is the perfect way to explore the park. The park can look especially beautiful in winter with the waterfalls at their best and water dripping from the trees, it can be extremely cold, wet and slippery underfoot, so be well prepared. 

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Tarra Valley Tourist Park "Fernholme"

You will feel so refreshed and relaxed at "Fernholme"... just the sound of the birds, the babbling of the Tarra River and the wonderful rain forest environment will soothe you. You have the choice of rustic cabins or powered and tent sites (some right on the banks of the river) and you can bring along your pet dog.  What ever the time of year, once you have discovered Tarra Valley you will want to come back again and again!!!