Walyunga NP Accommodation

40 km north-east of Perth, and 20 km north of Midland along the Great Northern Highway. Walyunga National Park lies in the Darling Range, just behind the Darling Scarp, and covers both sides of a steep valley. Just to the east of the park, in the picturesque Avon Valley, the Avon River joins the Brockman River to form the Swan River. The river runs through the centre of the park, forming a string of placid pools along the valley floor in summer, and a raging torrent with long series of rapids in winter. The latter provides one of the Australia's best white water canoeing courses and is part of the annual Avon Descent race each August. Outcrops of grey granite and occasional areas of darker dolerite can be seen along the valley sides, and waterworn boulders of both rock types lie in the stream bed. Red laterite caps the hill tops. The park is also known for sensational wildflowers in winter and spring, abundant native animals and rugged valley scenery. There is plenty of parking at the main picnic sites, as well as gas barbecues, which may be used free of charge. A vehicle entrance fee is payable and camping may be arranged with the ranger.


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